Remote Administration System
January 16, 2019

Advantages and opportunities of Smart Mess as compared with other products:

— it’s easy to create your site,

— it’s easy to add information to your site,

— 24-hours support,

— solid-state reliability, confirmed by 10-years experience,

— permanent quality control,

— flexible discount system.


Crashproof anti-spam botnet filters.

Anticrack protection.

Easy site managing: it takes you few seconds to add or change information.

User-friendly interface: it takes you few days to get the feel of administration your site.

Save expenditure: you don’t need to attend special courses, to buy expensive training aids, pay for in-company trainings or engage exterior experts.

New technologies: technical facilities are constantly updated, we always work on improvement and creation of new versions of the program.

Automatic updating: you don’t have to download new versions yourself, technical support includes automatic updating of versions on your site.

In the beginning the Internet was just an experimental network for packet transmission. It was interesting because it made possible to combine computers of different types but it did not have practical meaning thereat. Later, in 1975, the experimental network turned into an actual network. It took almost another twenty years to the World Wide Web service appeared in 1993. Then the magic began. Internet became visual, it could be seen by users with browsers. HTML-technology created a new type of documents. The first of HTML pages were very simple and they were only texts and links. But the technology developed very quickly. Images, complicated design, sound and video appeared on the computer screen. Very soon, the Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s creation has learned to represent all the diversity and beauty of the contents of the World Wide Web.


SM Branch of the products
SM Branch of the productsSmart Mess is means for remote administration and SaaS modules
Remote administration is working with data on server (computer ...
The Offer
The OfferCreate a website from scratch;Transfer a website to the Smart Mess system;Redesign or design to a ...
Knowledge base
From this update the default text encoding should be set to UTF-8. To disable this option you need ...
Knowledge base
Knowledge baseNew version of Smart Mess 7 will be available for viewing since September 2015.

New user-friendly interface and speed work-bar.