Remote Administration System
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Password restore

If you can not restore the password with the built-in Smart Mess tools in any case you can try to restore the password by the password-reset-form at the official Smart Mess site.

For successful completion use trustworthy data please!

1. Domain. Enter the site name where you have been registered as user. Supported the sites with SMART MESS Site Manager only;

2. Login. Enter your login (Notice: Login can only contain letters or numbers);

3. Email. (Warn! Use your real email address to be sure success);

4. Data of registration (Optional);

5. Secret question (Optional);

5. Subject: Password restore;

Warn! The new password will be sent after a moderator approval and for the same email address only that was specified at registration. The request may be denied without clarifying the reason

SM Branch of the products
SM Branch of the products Smart Mess is means for remote administration and SaaS modules
Remote administration is working with data on server (computer ...
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Knowledge base
Knowledge base New version of Smart Mess 7 will be available for viewing since September 2015.

New user-friendly interface and speed work-bar.

Knowledge base
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