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Smart Mess in 2020

Last modified: January 03, 2020

Smart Mess project with Kernel version Spruden 1.0 first developed in 1999.

At start, Spruden Kernel was a set of libraries of similar functionality to create a simple site. Then in 2000 - 2001 the rules for constructing architecture were defined for a common framework which can be expanded and changed with users plugins based on these same rules.

In the Spruden Kernel, program code behaves specifically embedded in a more general - abstract code of the entire project. At the same time, custom plugins that comply with the general requirements of architecture can be safely added to it.

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Smart Mess per Internet Users

Last modified: January 03, 2020

In the beginning the Internet was just an experimental network for packet transmission. It was interesting because it made possible to combine computers of different types but it did not have practical meaning thereat. Later, in 1975, the experimental network turned into an actual network. It took almost another twenty years to the World Wide Web service appeared in 1993. Then the magic began. Internet became visual, it could be seen by users with browsers. HTML-technology created a new type of documents. The first of HTML pages were very simple and they were only texts and links. But the technology developed very quickly. Images, complicated design, sound and video appeared on the computer screen. Very soon, the Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s creation has learned to represent all the diversity and beauty of the contents of the World Wide Web.

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SMART MESS community

Last modified: January 03, 2020

Smart Mess project is a free community that develops Smart Mess Framework with Spruden Core. The project started in 1999 in the process of development of Spruden Elementary Project.

Smart Mess with Spruden Core includes the tools-sets to construct cloud-data or a website. Since 7.0 version Smart Mess consists of modules completely. Begin from version 8.0 the authorization module is not included in the base build.

Smart Mess distributive is evolving and branching in different directions. Nowadays this project uses Spruden core only. The latest versions of Smart Mess forced for the main Linux and UNIX development branches.

Smart Mess provides builds for cloud storage or for website CMS. The data is stored in SMFS tree structure based on a relational database. Smart Mess is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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