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Last modified: January 03, 2020

Untitled Image(1)In the beginning, the Internet was just an experimental network for transmitting packets. It was interesting because it allowed different types of computers to be combined, but it didn't make any practical sense. Later, in 1975, the experimental network evolved into a real network. Almost twenty years passed before the World Wide Web appeared in 1993. Then the magic began.

The Internet became visual, it could be seen by users with browsers. HTML technology has created a new type of document. The first HTML pages were very simple and consisted only of text and links. But technology has evolved very quickly. Images, complex structures, sound and video appeared on the computer screen. Very soon, the creation of Sir Tim Berners-Lee learned to display all the diversity and beauty of the contents of the World Wide Web.

When a site gets large and complex, the portal needs someone to create and edit HTML pages. This is usually done through a content management system (CMS). Such a system allows you to create and modify the content of the site with minimal (or not so much) effort and time. Most CMS include web publishing, format management, history editing and version control, indexing, search and browsing. A complex CMS is already a full-fledged operating system in the browser.

But still, most often, a CMS is a blogging system that manages an endlessly growing feed. And it is very convenient and interesting. Although sometimes it is required to arrange the data strictly hierarchically - tree-like. A tree structure is a hierarchical data representation model. It looks like an upside down tree with "leaves" at the bottom and "root" at the top. Large portals of complex design need a tree structure.

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