Remote Administration System

Smart Mess is Remote Administration System and SaaS modules

WelcomeSmart Mess SaaS Systems allow you to manage the content of a website. You can create pages and sections edit information upload files and more, and more. You work with the website via an intuitive interface. You can learn Smart Mess easily and quickly it is enough to have basic computer skills. It's simple as you get your email!


Features and Benefits of Smart Mess over other products:

Quick start

Lightweight creation of a website

Easy filling

Clock support

reliability confirmed the 10- year practice

Quality control


Smart Mess has released the latest kernel cumulative update Nov. 10 2017

From this update the default text encoding should be set to UTF-8. To disable this option you need to comment out the flag "utf8_encode = On" in the configuration file. The use of BB-codes will be optional and starting from version 10.0 will be disabled. It is also recommended in all cases to give preference to the SMVFS 2.2 file system both for security reasons and in terms of system performance.

Smart Mess intellectual CAPTCHA has become even more secure and it uses a new algorithm to pop up unwanted message senders without disturbing legitimate users.

A new package is available for all kernel assemblies except for the version below 4.0

Get to know!Nowadays it is difficult to find a company that would not be of the website electronic office online store or at least representative page. Modern business is impossible without the Internet.


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SM Branch of the products
SM Branch of the productsSmart Mess is means for remote administration and SaaS modules
Remote administration is working with data on server (computer ...
The Offer
The OfferCreate a website from scratch;Transfer a website to the Smart Mess system;Redesign or design to a ...
Knowledge base
From this update the default text encoding should be set to UTF-8. To disable this option you need ...
Knowledge base
Knowledge baseNew version of Smart Mess 7 will be available for viewing since September 2015.

New user-friendly interface and speed work-bar.