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Smart Mess in 2023

Last modified: February 25, 2023

The Smart Mess project with the Spruden 1.0 kernel version was first developed in 1999.

Initially, Spruden Kernel was a set of libraries with similar functionality for creating a simple site. Then in 2000–2001 architecture rules were defined for a common framework that can be extended and modified with custom plugins based on the same rules.

You can add your own libraries and plugins to the core code. In this case the requirements regarding constant names, namespaces, and directory nesting rules must be used.

Spruden kernel version 3.0 or higher can only work with the Smart Mess Virtual File System (SMVFS).

SMVFS is a virtual representation of a tree structure based on a relational database.

Old versions of SMVFS are not without the paradox of recursive nesting of directories of the same name, for example: "index under index" will give an error.

Over the past twenty years, the Smart Mess project has developed with varying degrees of intensity at different times.

This project currently only uses the Spruden core. The latest builds of Smart Mess are for Linux and Unix operating systems.

The current version of Smart Mess is 9.7. This version fixes most of the code bugs and closes known security loopholes. This version supports PHP 7.4 and up.

Smart Mess - 10 will work with SMVFS 2.0 only.

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