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Smart Mess in 2020

Smart Mess project with Kernel version Spruden 1.0 first developed in 1999.

At start, Spruden Kernel was a set of libraries of similar functionality to create a simple site. Then in 2000 - 2001 the rules for constructing architecture were defined for a common framework which can be expanded and changed with users plugins based on these same rules.

In the Spruden Kernel, program code behaves specifically embedded in a more general - abstract code of the entire project. At the same time, custom plugins that comply with the general requirements of architecture can be safely added to it.

A version of Spruden kernel 3.0 or newer can only work with Smart Mess Virtual File System (SMVFS).

SMVFS is virtual view of tree structure based on the relational database.

Old versions of SMVFS are not devoid of the paradox of the same name recursive directory enclosure, for example: index.

In the last twenty years the Smart Mess project has evolved with varying degrees of intensity and in different aspects.

Presently this project uses the Spruden core only. The latest Smart Mess builds forced for the main Linux and UNIX development branches.

The current version of Smart Mess is 9.0. In this version, most code errors are to be fixed and known backdoors in security are to be closed.

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